Vital Sex sessions are aimed at exploring some of these:
  • Freeing your sexual energy
  • Harmonizing your sexual energy
  • Discovering new sexual activation techniques
  • Exploring pleasure
  • Exploring orgasm
  • Healing sexual traumas
  • Activating your sexual fire
  • Discovering how to give pleasure
  • Sexual dearmoring
  • Sexual massage
  • Understanding sexual emotions
  • Activating your sexual mind
  • Sexual energy activation
  • Sexual dialogue
  • Sex partners
  • Sexual rituals
  • Sexual techniques
  • Sexual tantra
  • And more
You see that the diversity and depth of these targets is really vast!

We could spend a whole 3 months full time simply exploring sexual techniques!

Or weeks on healing sexual traumas.

Or days of activation focused on sexual energetics.

Yes, it is super vast!

Once you start along that line, there is really no limit.

The field of KAMAYAMA or SEXUAL MASTERY is really unlimited! 

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