Connecting with the universal mind

You have two identities in you:

The first one is your individual identity.

The second one is your universal identity.

You connect with your universal identity by using your mind in a different way.

When you are functioning on the normal wakeful state, you simply follow the course of your daily thoughts and emotions.

When you meditate, you bring your mind to another type of activity: it is a form of inner trance that you establish.

You literally set yourself on a certain wave length and by doing that, connect with a totally different energy reality.

Call it a form of telepathic universal touch.

Telepathy is usually understood as the art of reading, listening to or communicating with someone else's mind.

Now, imagine that there are mind realities which are not incarnated in a human being form.

For instance, you can be in nature and feel a deep sense of union with the beauty which is surrounding you.

This sense of union or bliss is a connection.

It is as if your mind merges with what surrounds you.

You can as well take a trip to the Himalayas and tune into the ancient ways of the yogis.

Part of what you will discover is related with what you see and another part is related with what you feel or what your intuition is telling you.

You get feelings which could be the reflection of the "memory" of what happened in these mountains.

In other terms, you are tuning into the spirit of a tradition. This is why you might go all the way to the Himalayas to experience this profound connection.

Now, you never met Babaji physically, but you can still tune into his mind or energy reality.

This is what meditation is about: you establish a bridge or a link with another mind reality.

You have a radio. When it is off, you hear nothing.

Still, you are surrounded by radio waves.

Can you see them?


Do you hear anything?

Not either.

You need to actually switch on the radio and tune it to a certain wave length to hear something.

It is like having a satellite in the sky and tuning your satellite dish in the right direction to pick up a signal.

Meditation works in the same way.

You were born with meditative abilities.

Everyone has them.

Your meditation skills can be something you never used.

The ability to use your mind in such way is still present in you.

You wake up your meditation skills by using them.

When you meditate, you wake up your universal identity.

You get closer to a part of you which is not limited by your personality.

You connect with a part of you which goes beyond the usual borders of your consciousness.

Your mind is a territory.

Your individual identity defines this territory.

Part of what you need to function as a human being is an individual identity.

You can use the words like "I", "me" or "mine".

You see a difference between you and what surrounds you. Your life territory has a very specific shape:

Your mind
All these are part of what you call: "Me"

This is your personal identity.

Now, when you connect with your next level of awareness, you get in touch with your universal identity.

Your sense of "Iamness" is replaced by a deeper and universal sensation.

You see yourself in a sea of consciousness and awareness which surrounds the planet.

You see yourself merging with a universal field of life force.

You see yourself a as particle within the vaster unified human mind.

After a while, you realize that you live with both sensations and awareness merging in you. You are both personified and universal.

This awakening of your universal identity is one of the key effects and goals of meditation.

It might be your first step on your spiritual growth.

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