How to reclaim your spiritual power

It is very simple!

It has to do with choices and connecting with forces which are strong enough to empower you on that level.

Forces are competing in your mind.

You have practicalities, career, desires, love life, family, material needs, spiritual aspirations, etc.
All these areas or fields are competing for energy and attention.

You want to feed them all of course.

Very often though, if a need is not in your top priorities, it gets relegated to distant areas in your mind.

You tend to forget about it.

To reclaim your spiritual power, you need to consciously shift priorities.

You need to put spiritual values and needs at the top, before anything else.

It does not mean that you drop jobs or let go of your love life.

It means that you give more energy to your spiritual development.

This is the key shift you can make.

The next step is to connect with a system or source of inspiration which can help you break through your limitations.

If you are already experienced with spiritual development techniques like meditation, you might have enough momentum to wake up more spiritual power by yourself.

Now, if you feel isolated when you try that, gathering support and strengthening your links with one or more spiritual development systems is essential.

A system can be any source of spiritual development inspiration.

Sometimes, this system is manifested in the form of an organization or a written teaching.

Other times, it is more subtle and comes to you in the form of vague feelings and ideas you can follow and learn from.

Even when there is no manifested system and you pick up vague feelings and ideas you can hardly define, you are still connecting with a stream of inspiration.

It is still a certain line of development with some energy architecture and ideas associated with it.

You see that if you try to formulate your ideas along that line of inspiration, you will write down concepts which are quite specific.

What you write is the result of the interaction between the filter of your mind and that source of inspiration.

This source of inspiration is an entity, spirit or intelligence.

It is a body of energy!

A religion is such a source. Any tradition represents such a source.

Now, you have traditions or sources of inspiration which are fully manifested while other sources never totally made it into a final coherent form.

You might pick up on some ideas without realizing that you are tuning into a reality which is much vaster than yourself.

Some traditions have already been manifested in the past. They are still evolving to a certain extent but the body of knowledge, techniques and experiences is already quite complete.

For instance, if you join a school of Tibetan Buddhism or Jewish Mysticism there is no need on your side to reinvent what already exists.

The knowledge, sacred scriptures and techniques are already there.

After years of practice and exploration, you might come up with new techniques or concepts which actualize that ancient tradition.

Now, sometimes a stream is not from the past but from the future.

There is little to no reference about it and what you create in terms of ideas and techniques is new.

Of course, you can say that other traditions expressed similar techniques before but the vehicle is fresh and new.

You will give it a name and maybe create a new tradition.

The next questions are:

What does a tradition do to you?

Do you need it in the first place?

Can you do without it?

Answers coming soon in the next post, ok?

To your spiritual power!


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