Tantra - Exchange of life force

The pathways of Tantra and Yoga seem to run in parallel.

They no longer need to be divided.

Any way of defining both always hits some form of limitation: it is never complete, no matter what you say about one or the other.

So, rather than saying what yoga and tantra are or are not (you probably have your own definitions or perceptions anyway, right? :)) let's see them as two spirits. Two sources of inspiration which are both separate and interlinked as well.

They are two systems that work together and in parallel.

Sometimes, you will feel that a practice leans slightly more towards Yoga.

Another time you will feel like it is Tantric.

Now, I do believe that with Babaji and Mataji side by side, these two streams get united within one unified field of energy.

It unites!

It removes differences and creates a flow of inspiration everyone can embrace.

What is Tantra?

Well, here is my own definition of it: unity through exchange of life force.

Yoga and Tantra can be seen as two sets of pathways taking you to the same place.

It is a vast topic.

More on that coming soon


To your Yoga! To your Tantra! To your universal identity!


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