Why it is essential to harmonize your mind

When you increase your inner level of energy, you need your mind and body vehicle to be functioning harmoniously.

What does it mean? It means that tensions or inner conflicts have been cleared.

Imagine that your mind is tense or angry for instance.

When you increase the flow of life force or energy in your system, the tensions or negative emotions are multiplied.

Everything is fed by the new flowing energy, not just positive patterns.

Clearing the channels in your mind allow for fresh energy to flow naturally in your being without creating tensions.

Now of course, the new flowing energy is itself very harmonizing. However, you might have thoughts, beliefs or emotions which can become destructive for you or others when stimulated.

The whole point of harmonizing your mind and body is for your system to be able to take a stronger flow of power and energy.

Sometimes your spiritual progress will simply stop until you shift some key thoughts, beliefs or action lines and create new mind sets which are aligned with humankind's long term purpose.

Simple, right? :)


To your Yoga!


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