Active kindness

Active kindness is the art of responding to a need when you see it simply because of a heart call.

You have other words for that: compassionate action, karma yoga, etc.

The path of active kindness is a destiny you follow consciously simply because this is what you feel attuned to the most.

Every action calls for a reaction.

Active kindness calls for bliss. When you take action from that place, you usually identify yourself with a need in someone else.

It happens to them and therefore, it is as if it was happening to you.

In other words, you see the link, and respond to it.
It can be a call from nature as well.

You recognize your essence in someone else and because of this recognition, you can identify someone else's need.

So, when you not only realize this state of unity but take as well active action, you choose for a state of unity rather than for a state of isolation.

This is a key opening in your life.

The response is bliss, life force and precisely a state of Yoga.

If you are naturally attracted to help others or nature, explore that path!

It is one of your possible lines of spiritual evolution.

To your Yoga!


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