Kick out the fear - ARTICLE

in 95% of the cases, fear is useless!

Fear of what could happen but never will.

These are irrational fears you simply no longer need.

Sometimes fear will be useful and is a warning for a real danger but these cases are isolated.

They don't create chatter!

They create a sudden rush of adrenaline which forces you into survival mode and allows you to tap into instinctual resources you don't normally use.

Again, these are isolated situations and represent only a very small fraction of the fear or worry you might feel

The usual fear is an inner chatter that drains your energy.

It consumes energy.

Another word for fear is worry!

The opposite of fear is:
  • Trust
  • Peace
  • Security

The shift from a state of fear to a state of trust happens via a simple decision to select another emotion.

You have more than one emotional option and you consciously decide to choose trust or peace rather than fear or worry.

It is a conscious decision!

That's the first step!

Emotions are like cards you can play. You can consciously select the archetype you want to express and decide to trust!

That's it!

It is a choice!

The more you make that choice, the more it becomes your new natural state.

The second thing you can do is refocus on the moment!

Is your life or security threatened right now or do you fear something that is a possibility but has in fact very small chances of happening?

You will notice again that in most cases you fear something that could happen but did not actually manifest.

You can fear as well something that did happen in the past and you believe could happen again.

Now, when you refocus in the present you realize that right now, your life is not threatened. You have the power to embrace that moment of security or peace right now.

The third strategy is to shift perspective and realize that actually, even if the worst happens, it's not a big deal.

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