What you must know about break ups - Facts and stats from the mental health profession - TIP

Here are some facts RM was kind to share.

(RM works as a psychiatrist within a high profile university and deals with hundreds of patients going through tough break ups)

  • The technical term for break up related challenge is "Adjustment disorder".
  • You have adjustment disorders "with anxiety" or "with depression".
  • The full definition of the "break up condition" would be: "Adjustment disorder with mixed disturbance of conduct and emotion".
  • RM estimates that 80%-90% of his patients suffer from disorders related with break up or other relationship problems like infidelity.
  • The other 10%-20% of his patients seek his help for drug related problems.

For the overall population:

  • 1/3 of the overall population faces some difficulties sleeping (sleep problems or sleep disorder).
  • 1/7 faces anxiety.
  • 1/10 faces some depression.


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