Spiritual authority - ARTICLE

You are the center of your life.

You own your spiritual authority.

It is okay to test what is told to you.

You can of course show respect to someone who knows more than you do on a topic.

No need however to make yourself smaller than you are.

You are in charge of your existence! No one else is.

The moment you give up your power, you create an energy gap and can feel powerless very fast.

This is what tends to happen when you join a group or movement.

Some of these movements function within an archaic mind set.

Rules and controlling patterns go far beyond what is actually needed.

This happens for a reason. These patterns related with the Guru-Disciple relationship have been around for thousands of years.

Many tradition and spiritual transmissions are based on this relationship.

Now, the planet and human consciousness have been tuning into new models.

There are new spiritual laws emerging which recreate the dynamics of spiritual transmission and the way you relate to spiritual authority.

Anything which is alienating in one way or another limits your mind.

The goal nowadays is to establish a one on one connection with sources of spiritual authority.

Your source of spiritual inspiration can be your best friend rather than a ruling monarch.

You can choose the model which fits you best.

What do you want?

You clearly have the choice!

When you function within a spiritual movement or organization, there are 3 energy realities involved:

· You, your being, life, career, family, belonging, etc.

· The leader of the organization.

· The organization itself, or group.

The interests of an organization are very different than your own interests. They are as well different than the interests of the leader.

In today’s equation, your individual interest’s often come last.

An organization can have so much power that it even overlaps the will of the leader.

You can compare this model to a business organization or company.

The dynamics of a manifested spiritual organization are not different.

These organizations can be sometimes full of tensions and inner battles.

These have to do with “politics” and don’t really help you in your spiritual development, right?

You, as an individual want one thing:

· A clear connection with a source of inspiration

· A user’s friendly environment

· A sense of space and freedom

· An empowering community

Communities can be very empowering but they can be very limiting as well.

An organization can get entangled in practicalities and blinded to a point where it totally forgets about the individual interests.

Why does this happen?

In a way because you let it happen.

To tell you the truth, when you come anywhere near a spiritual organization, you can feel straight away if this will help you grow or not.

When an organization is established there is often not much you can do to change it as an outsider.

Suppose you walk into a restaurant and don’t like the menu: you can either spend energy trying to tell the chef that the menu does not match your needs. On the other hand, you can as well walk further until you find a restaurant and menu which does truly match what you are looking for.

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