Universal community - ARTICLE

If someone asks you about your spiritual beliefs, you probably have difficulties limiting it to one movement, belief or thought.

In fact you might have reached the point where you feel first human before anything else.

You reached the point where you don’t to exclude anything.

You want to embrace the totality of what happens on this planet without rejecting any of it.

The fact that you practice vipassana meditation one day does not mean that you can’t go for a yoga class or a Christmas celebration the following day.

There is no longer a need to be exclusive.

In fact, divisions are a source of pain and trouble.

There is a sense of global community and planetary citizenship which is growing and expanding at high speed.

In the same way, there is an expanding invisible network of energies, resources and teachings which surround the totality of the planet.

You can connect with mind sets which free you forever.

You can choose your own path and explore your truths using whatever techniques you feel are appropriate.

Your spiritual autonomy is a value which is available for you.

You can receive a master’s teaching without committing yourself to anything else than what you need.

The way you can access teachings and spiritual resources has radically shifted in the last 10 years.

Some movements still hide within high levels of protectionism while waves of transparency and total clarity open your mind in explosions of new potentials.

The sphere of what you can access today instantly is infinite.

You can connect with powerful sources of inspiration while maintaining satisfaction on all levels of your existence.

You own your spiritual existence.

You own your life tools.

This is the context in which you evolve today.

If you need help or new tools, there is a infinite network of forces and beings which are ready to help you within that context.

There is no reason to limit yourself in any way.

The territory is absolute freedom.

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