What is yoga? - ARTICLE

Yoga is the state of Self Realization. Yoga means this internal union where the limits of the personality and individual mind are broken up. This opening is an invasion of bliss and inner happiness. It is the awareness of the universal life force.

Yoga does not seem to happen by itself - Why not?

The natural human instincts polarize human life towards individuality. This sense of individuality is what creates a division between our being and a larger field of life force.

This sense of individuality supports our survival instinct. Our minds are programmed to perceive life through our own individual eyes. It is this perception which guarantees our survival as individuals.

It is because we identify ourselves with a personality and a physical body that we do everything we can to sustain, support our individual life. Most of human activities, instinctual reactions, mind processes and emotions are linked with the way we relate to our surroundings and to people around us.

This sense of individuality is one of the sustaining pillars of society. Without it, we probably would not care much about building a solid house or making a living. Once we touch on the infinite human potential, the unified mind which sustains all of humankind, the usual human priorities are simply dropped.

One world, different plans

Different aspects of human life evolve towards different goals. While we reach to space exploration, we are still dealing with basics of human nature like survival drive, competition, emotions, etc. We stretch our human minds between various realities, various purposes.

The way our mind is programmed to survive in the wild is very different than the way we are programmed when we find ourselves walking on the moon.

The spiritual orientation of a yogi will create a mind dynamism with certain rules, laws, reflexes, priorities, etc.

While we aim for a certain goal, we are still dealing with resistances. This resistances are related with conflicting interests. When yogis decide to retire to the high Himalayan mountains, they might leave behind a life which still wants them or needs them: a family life, a normal profession, etc. Wiping out all these years of "social programming" can eventually happen but as long as the threads of the past are still active, the mind of the yogi might still struggle for the ultimate self realization and spiritual "reprogramming".

There are many human pathways, evolution lines. The yogic approach is just one amongst many ways of being alive.

What is the best?

What society needs is simple: various individuals focused on various goals. While a yogi might be dealing with certain aspects of human development, a share holder in an office is busy with another aspect of creation.

This combination of goals and approaches is what keeps society alive. Without this diversity of goals, desires and priorities, society would just collapse.

Overcoming gravity...

Focusing on spiritual practices feels sometimes like trying to overcome gravity. There is this pull, this natural equilibrium of our minds, the place where we go back when we simply let it all go. When we try to build up some form of expanded awareness, we are actually overcoming the resistances from our environment and surroundings. These have a natural vibration and by building up spiritual awareness we are shifting the very balance or equilibrium which was already established.

This "setting in motion" process stirs our human nature and shifts the energy base on which we function.

What are the consequences?

Anything which can stabilize your spiritual development should be used. This is why ideas and concepts are usually needed along the spiritual path. Ideas give a mind frame to function with.

Techniques, approaches, a support network are useful as well. Empowering your spiritual quest is a priority. Any tools which stabilize the path are welcome. Why? Because it is only when we use all our possible resources that we have a chance to succeed in what we are tying to reach.

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