What to do to open myself up to the spirit - ARTICLE

When it comes to spiritual development, the word out there is often that you need to give up, open up and surrender.

In truth, I don't believe that this is the way to go for what you face.

The goal is not to loose your mind or your ego or simply open to the forces of the cosmos.

The goal is to gain back a sense of ownership and mastery over your life.

You are already connected to the spirit right now.

The fact that you don't feel it does not mean that you are disconnected; it means that this realization is not yet flowing all the way down to your awareness.

It is as if the flow of life force reaches a certain point in your being but does not actually flow all the way down into your existence.

It still flows of course (life force is in you manifesting itself in your being every single second).

This in itself is magical and a miracle.

What you miss is the ability to speed up this process and as well the senses to perceive what is really happening in your mind, body and spirit.

The first step is to drop it!

Drop it all!

Spiritual ambition can create tension in your system.

If you aim for something and feel you can't reach it, it can make you very unhappy.

When you focus on a target and feel you can't reach it, you tend to run out of will power and energy and feel pretty upset.

So, the first step is to drop it.

No expectations.

No grand visions.

What you are trying to achieve is already happening in you right now!

Second step: harmonize your existence.

Identify the places or areas where it "hurts".

If you feel frustrated about the way you relate to others or others relate to you, the goal is not to escape into another reality; the goal is to harmonize what is happening right here, right now.

This means that rather than trying to feed another reality and connecting with some form of distant spirit, you feed your existence consciously.

This is the best way to invite the spirit in your life.

The spirit is life force.

It is your life power.

Harmonizing and empowering your existence is the best and most direct way to invite life force in your being.

You do take action and focus on what needs attention.

Activate your life and nurture it.

Once you reach a high level of harmony, the next step is to connect with new empowering sources of inspiration.

There is a plan for your spiritual evolution and the way to manifest that plan is to tune into a refreshing spiritual stream.

A spiritual stream is like a river you swim in. It takes you where you want to be.

The mind sets you need to manifest to be successful with your spiritual evolution do exist.

They already exist in many beings from the present, past and future.

Suppose for instance that you tune into the Buddhist stream but can't really relate to it; you will simply search further until you truly recognize what you are looking for.

It often takes time, focus and energy to find the exact spiritual stream which matches what you want and what you feel inside.

You might travel a couple of times to India, try connecting with the spirit of the Incas, joining a local church or converting yourself to Islam.

Your mind and spirit keeps searching until you identify a spiritual source of inspiration you recognize as your destiny.

The moment your recognize it, you know it.

It simply matches and you feel your mind being "activated" in a very specific way.

Sometimes, you discover certain practices and you know deep inside that there is more.

If the stream you follow right now has reached the limits of what you can achieve, free yourself and search further.

Sometimes, it takes focus and determination to break free from a spiritual source of inspiration you followed for some time.

Trust your instinct and break free if you have to.

You can as well go deeper into the stream you are in.

Every step you take is a step which brings you closer to your goal.

Even when you get this feeling that you are going backwards, you are still gaining precious experience that you might use as a stepping stone in the future.

If you feel stacked, keep on searching for answers, techniques and sources of inspiration which can help you break through.

Pray and call for help if you have to.

The spirit always responds!

Sometimes, it simply takes a while.

However, life never stops.

The spirit is with you right now, even if you cannot feel it.

There is always a possible next step.

Identify it and take it.

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