No free advice ----> New clients?

About 10 days agao, I started testing this simple strategy.

when I get free advice request, I sent a standard message asking to sign up for coaching.

In that same period, I did get 2 new clients.

One of them wnet from going from free advice potential to signing up for coaching.

Conclusion: it works!

While it might not be the ones who wanted free advice who do sign up for coaching, overall the "energy cycle" is complete and I simply start as well attracting another type of requests or clients.

To be noted! I did not significantly change the set up on the site, except in the "advice" page that now redirects to "expert advice". I removed the "posting to forum" option on that page.

This really works energy wise and answer wise!

It is definitely a strategy to be followed even if it is sometimes chllenging to turn down free advice requests

Overall, this system works better long term of course

Unless I want to shift all the way back to a totally free structure, free site and free service oriented site and coaching

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