Truth? - What is it? - ARTICLE

Here are some raw ideas I collected on this topic:
  • There are many conflicts surrounding truth!
  • Christianity and islam take you to the same place
  • God and Allah are two different names to call the same reality!
  • This is obvious, right?
  • Experience of truth is already a limited perception of reality
  • Expressing that reality in words limits it even more!
  • Words are an approximation of reality.
  • If you paint a landscape, that landscape is only an approximation of reality!
  • Different people will look at the same landscape and describe it differently
  • If I attempt to decribe my experience of truth, through my words, ideas or concepts, I already reduce it to something much smaller than what it is!
  • Ideas! Words! Concepts! These are still a limited description of a reality which is much vaster!
  • When you take a picture of a landscape, the reality you are trying to capture is much more complete than any picture!
  • Suppose that thr Christ really said: No one can reach God except through me. I am the only path.
  • Christianity interprets it as "no one can access God except through Christianity" which is already a misunderstanding.
  • Chistianity does not own the Christ!
  • The life of Christ is vaster than what is described in the Bible!
  • The Bible is only an approximate description of the life of the Chirst!
  • Christ includes all religions, Christianity, Buddhsim, Islam, Induism, etc!
  • Maybe Jesus and the prophet Mohammed are one same energy reality!
  • Maybe they are very good friends!
  • Why do people frequently narrow their views to an absolute conviction?
  • Why do they often choose for strong and fixed beliefs rarther than an open and flexible interpretation of the facts?
  • Because certainty gives security!
  • Certainty is like a rock that grounds you!
  • It is stronger than some vague feelings that can flow like water
  • Certainty gives you mental focus - It gives you direction.


  • Realize that your experience of reality through the filter of your mind is only a fraction of reality itself!
  • Truth is vaster than words!

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