Break up - for men - new sales pages strategies - TESTING

after the success of some single video sales pages where the only ad and sales copy is a vid, decided to try that one on my main break up for men channel.

shifted from:
  • Long sales copy, very detailed explanation of the content, features, success stories, test drive, money back guarantee, etc.


  • 1 sales page, 1 video all content visible without scrolling down, no test drive, not success story, only one payment option etc. the price is now $79 instead of $19

what I will check is:

  • Bounce rate
  • exit rate
  • average time on the page
  • + of course, conversions!

A few days will give me enough info to see how people respond to that type of page compared with the traditional sales copy.

after one day, it seems that there is a strong increase in both bounce rate + exit in other terms, the simple page performs less good than the longs sales copy.

same on the average time on page - there is a clear drop in that day.

Of course the trend needs to be confirmed over a few days + It's possible that the drop is related with the price, not the type of sales page.

Another element that at this stage could be influential on sales conversion is of course the lack of coherence with a $79 price tag. Right now, that's the price for the membership + the same product can be accessed through other ways still for $19.

So, in that case, if the short page performs no as well, it can related with:

  • Type of sales page + lack of info concerning the product
  • The video which is a bit "feature" oriented rather than results and strategy oriented
  • The price tag $79 which could be an instant turn for a greater number of visitors.

The price tag can be tested over the next few days. Easy take the short sales page, put back a $19 price tag - observe the results.

A new video can be tested as well... More results and strategies oriented rather than feature oriented...

A feature oriented video does not explain a short time on the page as visitors would not know what's in the video, but it would explain a low conversion rate.

So, I already saw in the past how lack of coherence seems to block things on an energy level.

This would not explain the bounce rate or the time on the page though, but be a factor for the conversions.

Posting such a short and challenging sales page is of course a risk because I can miss some sales because of it.

Now, the info I collect is essential and tells me a lot about visitor's behaviors...

Will come back with some more conclusions in a few days

To be followed!!!...

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