10 steps towards Empowerment

Give structure to your life

See structures as pillars, invisible architecture that sustains your mind. Have a good balance between freedom and structure.

Have clear boundaries

You are the master of your space. Know your limits and send out a clear message. Mutual respect of boundaries is the base to harmonious relationships.

Give when you want to give, not when you are forced to

We humans have a natural need to share. Be sure that the choice is yours. Be generous when the time is right.

Be cool, always!

Even when you get angry! Play with your emotions rather than the other way around.

Face your fears

Go into the forest at night (Not in Central Park…). Stand half naked under a tropical storm. Just go beyond your comfort zone.

Have ambitions

Motivate yourself. Feed your ambitions. Develop strategies for your future. Develop your life vision and act towards it.

Develop your social skills

Practice self-confidence… Be generous in your attitude. Smile. Be open.


Develop a clear mind. Touch on clear sources of knowledge. Don’t overload yourself with useless information.

Integrate the term “power” in your life

Power is beautiful… If you don’t like power, then power will not like you either!. Power is great. If you have negative feelings towards that term, simply realize that those feelings are related with “abuse of power” not power itself.

Actively care for life and other human beings

Life is a gift! Use part of what you gain to protect and preserve what you love. Simply care!

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