Clear the past

Clear the past

What you usually miss when you want to clear the past is simply power.

There are patterns in your mind you want to delete. These are habits, memories and you simply can't get rid of them.

Literally these patterns have power over you. The ideal of course would be to be able to master your mind and design it the way you want.

You never totally remove past memories. What you do is take away their power and the influence they have over your life, thoughts and feelings.

What do you need for that? A force which is stronger than the negative memory.

Your mind is a battle field for space and energy. It's never empty and thoughts are competing to win the space. The strongest thoughts win. The strongest emotions are the ones which appear on the surface.

For instance when you are in love, the emotions associated with that state overpower other emotions, specially negative ones. In a way love removes negative emotions.

With my coaching, I look at power dynamics. I look at your mind and see the power plays within your mind. My task as your coach is to give you or help you connect with a power which is strong enough to give you back control over your thoughts and feelings. In other words, I support a renewal force in you which creates a new set of mind patterns and replaces the old ones you no longer want.

Again, you don't remove the memory, you simply shift the balance of power. That way, the negative memories simply don't impact. You'll look at them without feeling overpowered by them.

Again, this is a battle for power. That's the way I work. I help you get your power back.

Your mind is your mind. It is your territory. The goal is to master to a greater extent what happens in it. It is simply to give you the tools to have greater control and influence over what goes on in it.

How does it happen? Well, through coaching, you and I establish a partnership. We join forces. We go to a battle together which is about kicking out anything you don't want in your mind.

The thing you have to realize is that you do have power you are not using right now. This power is instinctual in nature. The goal in coaching is to help you connect with it, support you in your fight and give you the long term autonomy to be able to tap in it any time, anywhere.

The first step is to create a partnership. You and I join forces within a coaching session. That's the first step. We start working on it the moment you sign in.

Believe in yourself! Your mind is not a set of fixed patterns you can't change. You mind is a vehicle you can consciously design according to what you want.

The long term goal is of course much vaster than simply removing a negative memory. The long term goal is life mastery.

What you need to do next?

Visit this link and sign in for a single coaching session. A single session might already be enough and give you what you want.

If you need extra support, you can sign in after that for more. I rarely coach my clients for more than a month. Most of the times, it will be enough to break through their existing challenge.

You are of course free to sign in for more after that if new targets come to the surface.


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