Confidence boost

Confidence boost


The key to self confidence is power. It is personal power. It is what I call instinctual power.

You have sources of energy in you, you are not using. The goal is to wake them up and simply use your full resources.

The number one reason you don't use your power is because you are afraid to hurt anyone or get negative reactions.

Confidence is a battle for power. When you feel a confidence gap, you simply let your mind being invaded by what others think or believe. This freezes your move.

To gain confidence, you need to accept to go into this battle of energies and simply reaffirm what you want and what you need.

You give yourself space to do it. The moment you take steps in that direction, you do shake your environment. You stay focused on your target and simply go for it.

Don't make yourself smaller than you are. You have the power to win! Anytime!

Establishing your power means giving yourself the victory. Whatever the race is, you will win! Go for it and hit your target, whatever your target is.

Good luck and stay in touch


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