Connect with the planet and the cosmos

Connect with the planet and the cosmos

To connect with the planet and the cosmos, the first thing is to shift perspective. Go beyond your location, country, etc. and see yourself within a larger planetary network. 99% of your daily activities evolve sometimes around local concerns, practicalities, worries and pleasures from daily life.

To take it to the next level, you have to integrate in your daily life activities, practices which remind you of something vaster: your cosmic identity.

Here is a simple technique to start with:
Conscious breathing: practice this simple technique. Sit down with your back straight and observe your breathing. Observe how the air flows in and out through your nose and mouth. Simply take a minute every day to observe and perceive this natural stream of life force. The air we breathe is similar to the life force we all share on this planet.

When you discover a new technique, you should practice it for a week or so until you get a feeling that you "own" the technique and you can come back to it whenever you fell like.

Spiritual training because there is an integration of skills. Repetition, practice, etc. lead on the long term to self realization, life fulfillment and spiritual awareness


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