Conquering power and leadership

Conquering power and leadership

Do it for more than yourself!

Conquering power means that you are connected. Your actions are synchronized with a larger reality.

There is no conquering power without a spirit and a cause.

If you merely rely on yourself and your own isolated desires, your conquering power is very small and limited. You won't impact on people around you!

Conquering power is the force behind earning money. It is the force behind getting a diploma. That's the basic self centered conquering force. That's what you do for yourself.

To increase your level of manifestation power, find the cause you are working for, deeply. This cause can for instance be the well being of all life on this planet.

You have values in you. Your being has a vision of what the planet can be.

When you look only at your well being and your own comfort, that's fine, great, no problem. You then get a basic "amount" of will power to protect and preserve your own life.

If you want to drastically increase your level of manifestation and conquering power, all you have to do is take a leadership role.

Leadership involves greater impact and influence on those who are around you.

Leadership is a quality which is given to you like a form of blessing. You can take a leadership position by force (that's autocratic!) or you can develop your leadership skills and let that extra conquering power merge with you.

With greater power comes greater responsibility.

As a leader you have a greater sphere of influence. Your behavior will impact on a larger sphere of people. This is why it is not given to everyone.

Why? Because you must learn to speak in the name of something vaster than yourself. If you are a leader you speak in the name of a larger reality, group of people or spirit.

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