Dating skills


How do you learn new dating skills? by trying and experimenting. Fear, doubts, lack of trust and confidence freeze you. When you respond to doubts, you simply stop learning.

Learning new skills means going beyond your comfort zone. You simply accept to take small risks to go beyond what you already know.

Trying does not mean succeeding every time. It rather means being open minded and going for it even when the outcome can't be guaranteed.

What are dating skills? It is the ability to spend time with a man and have a great time. It is knowing the tricks that get you noticed in a crowd. It is knowing how to respond to a guy without being tongue tied. etc.

What should be your first move when learning to swim? Right! >>> Jump in the water! Same with dating! You can't learn the skills by staying home. You have to go out and meet people.

Second step? knowledge and information. Simply benefit from other's experiences: your friends, magazines, dating advice, etc. This means as well asking open ended questions around you, to friends and people you can trust: "what do you think about having sex on the first date? Do you feel it's alright or should you wait a bit?" .

Benefit from other's experience! Accept the fact that you don't know it all and that there is more to explore!

Simply accept who you are and go for it. There is no such thing as a mistake in the dating scene. Experiment! this is how you learn.

Learn from your experiences and follow your instincts and intuition. Your instinct is your best ally. Feel into situations and respond to them, not with your head but with your gut and passion.

The dating world is an emotion based environment, so follow your instincts! Your desire is your fuel!
Stay free!
Be free!
Take it lightly in the beginning!
Focus on fun, excitement
Focus on quality time!
Be fun to with!


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