Discover my cosmic identity

Discover my cosmic identity


Our cosmic identity is there all the time. we simply forget or don't focus on it. The way to remember it is to bring this cosmic identity in the core of our emotional foundation.

Sanskrit is a language which lives in that reality. Thousand of terms and concepts exist which can remind us of that.

Here is a simple initial technique for you: write down this mantra:

Shiva - Shakti

They are personified deities but they are as well cosmic or universal principles. By writing these words down you are inviting your cosmic identity in the core of your being.

Whenever you feel an emotional gap, lack of happiness, write these words down on a white paper. Repeat it as much as you want, daily, whenever you feel like, wherever you are. Write it down and keep what you wrote. Keep it around, in your house, in your pocked, wallet, etc.

You can as well whisper, remember, focus on the mantra, repeat it internally when meditating or when laying down to sleep in the evening.

To integrate a technique, you should try it for a week or so (a lifetime if you feel like...). After that the technique becomes a habit pattern you can tap into whenever you feel like.

How does it impact in you?


Finding answers?

You can turn the quest for answers outwardly and read, ask people, discover lots of external sources of knowledge. There is another approach: the third eye. The third eye is a chakra ( wheel of energy) in the middle of your forehead, by meditating or concentrating on that spot, you clarify your thoughts and let directly the answers flow into your mind.

Here is a simple technique: sit with your back straight and focus your attention in the middle of your forehead. Let the breathing rhythm take you into a space of natural peace. Inwardly repeat gently this mantra (magic formula, sacred word): AHAM. It means I am! This is an affirmation of your life and existence. By doing that you bring a refreshed stream of life force into your being.

Write down your question on a white paper. Reflect a minute with the third eye meditation technique. Come back to your white paper and write down what comes to your mind. It is not automatic writing. You do that consciously. Write down the ideas and thoughts which come to your mind.

Feel free to send me some feed back in a week or so... I can help you further


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