Emotional freedom and universality

Emotional freedom and universality

When you feel attachment in a painful way, you have in your mind an emotional pattern which does not satisfy you:

This emotional pattern says: I miss the people I love.

Are you tired of missing people? Missing them can make you feel emotionally dependent and drained.

How do you change such pattern? How do you handle such situation? Can you actually do something about it?

Yes!!! But it definitely has to do with a spiritual connection.

Needing love from your loved ones means that the centre of your existence is your physical family, partner, friends, etc. The idea of missing someone is associated with an emotional dependence.

In other terms emotional freedom is the ability to stand free from attachment and emotional suffering.

The dependence needs are transmuted and a new type of space opens up in you.

In there, you find peace and satisfaction. It is very simple.

How do you build emotional freedom?

It is by transmuting physical personal links and replacing them by another way of relating. On the physical you might have to create yourself that type of space. It means shifting some key emotional patterns in you as well as clearing your physical space.

Now in that “gap” created you must put something else: this something else is a new link to another reality.

This is how you function. This is how you replace and shift this movement of dependence and build emotional freedom:

It is by shifting your line of attachment and the way you relate to life and the planet.

Having an amount of simply free energy and free resources to give any time anywhere offers you this sense of freedom.

The sense of attachment and polarization of your emotions creates a limitation and polarizes your mind.

To shift that pattern, you have to connect with a larger human family. This is not a concept, it is reality. Doing that means that you give love, unconditionally and beyond the boundaries of your natural family or social connections.

How do you generate that inner space? It is a very progressive movement. Establishing yourself in that new planetary perspective is recreating your emotional foundation and the way you react to life in and around you.

Take a tree in your garden for instance. You can develop a sense of profound love for that tree. You can feel like you care and recognize an immense beauty in it. It is a tree which belongs to you. It is in your ground, your property.

When you walk in the forest, you might miss the connection with the trees of the forest because your mind is focused on the tree you have in your garden. While you walk in this magnificent forest, you could be thinking: “wish I was home and could sit under my tree”

This movement of emotions is what creates dependency and attachment. This happens by identifying precisely the object of your love.

As a human being you have the ability to connect with any tree in the forest but because of your emotional polarization, you miss connecting with all these trees in the forest. Even worse, you feel actually dissatisfied and incomplete because of your attachment for the tree you have in your garden.

This emotional pattern is related with a the sense of exclusivity. It is the ability and the tendency to simply focus on just one object, person, idea, etc.

This is what creates attachment and can lead to emotional dissatisfaction.

What is better? Free love which you can give anywhere to any direction or polarized love which is given in one exclusive direction?

If you don’t feel any "emotional gap" or pain related to attachment, it the sign that your emotional patterns are in balance. You feel happy the way life is. Perfect! Don't change anything!

On the other hand, if you feel emotional suffering, even the slightest pain, then this is a indication. If you feel a gap, need, longing, suffering or emotional pain, this is the sign that your being is missing something.

You have a few alternatives or possibilities:

Unite what feels split in you. If your lover is on the other side of the planet, then book a flight and get there. “Leave the forest to go back to be next to your tree…”

Find a way of feeling and staying connected with that person even though there is distance. Some friendships, loves can stay alive even with the distance, even with physical separation.

Diversify the objects of your love. Start giving your love to the trees in the forest as well. If you are a parent, this would mean giving love and attention to any child, not just yours.

Cut yourself from the object of your love. This means putting distance and separation to gain back a sense of emotional independence.

What direction would you choose?

Gaining emotional freedom means mastering what happens in the realms of your emotions. It means as well having resources and the freedom to decide when, how and in what direction you give.

Love is a precious resource. We have the power to give infinite amounts of it. The ability of deepening a relationship or connection and giving it some form of absolute dimension is very powerful.

The feeling of walking in the forest in full satisfaction and still feel this profound connection with the tree in your garden would be quite overwhelming.

Beyond emotional freedom, this means connecting with the unity of all things. The idea of separation is an illusion. We are all connected through a sea of life force. We swim in it live in it since the first day we were born.

Feeling this unity and this connection all the time is the ultimate solution to emotional pain related to attachment and dependence.

We have two essential identity senses or directions in us:

The first one is the sense of individuality. This is what sustains our personal identity.

The second one is the sense of universality. It is with this sense that we perceive our belonging to a vast planetary and even cosmic sea of energy.

This sense of universality can be opened and developed through various techniques and approaches.

In essence gaining a sense of universality is connecting with our own universal essence.

The goal is to have these two senses opened in us all the time. While we recognize our individuality, we recognize as well our universal identity.

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