Find essential answers about my life

Find essential answers about my life

You might think that you can find answers by sitting back and opening up to some form of inner inspiration. The truth is that right now, your mind could be saturated. You mind is simply full and there could little or no energy dedicated to finding answers and stepping forward in your long term evolution.

What quality is missing? Fire, spiritual ambition, conquering power. This type of conquering power is not about engaging on a crusade to convert distant lands. No... This conquering power is about conquering an area of your mind and life. It is about gaining some form of control, direction and mastery over your destiny line.

The first step therefore is to concentrate energy and power to breakthrough whatever is limiting you right now. What is limiting? A cloud of resistance which stops you from seeing through. It is a veil of conditioning, years of education, etc. Conditioning is not bad thing. It is what did build your character and established a mind set in an originally virgin space.

Now, to take your life one step further, all you need is the power to clear space and breakthrough.

This is conquering power. It is this inner fire which sets you on a quest and wakes up this intense longing and desire to find your answers.

The next natural question is: "how do you connect with your conquering power?"

First thing: conquering power is already in you. In a modern comfortable life style you tend to forget about it. Conquering power is a basic instinct inside of you. Same as survival drive.

The best way to wake it up is to use it. Yes! it is okay to use conquering for spiritual oriented targets.

If for you, finding answers is a simple luke warm desire, then it is not enough. Other priorities take over and you simply focus on something else. 2 or 3 years later, you might still be in the same place.

You tend to use your will power for business targets and what is left to your spiritual development is a form of gentle understanding.

The whole spiritual development cycle requires strength and determination. You need power to overcome resistances and obstacles. Can you feel this shift? Can you feel what this means in terms of personal investment? It's fundamentally different when your truly decide to go for it.

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