This website is not only about coaching.

Coaching is the external vehicle.

The spirit behind Vital coaching is much vaster.

It is not an abstract philosophy; it is a life approach.

Saying it is spiritual would already be limiting.

Spiritual tends to be associated with religious or love or wisdom.

Life is more than these qualities and the spirit we embody is in everything!

The spirit is present in every aspect of life, not just in so called spiritual practices.

What is meant by that is simple: there is more than what we see with our physical eyes.

Vital coaching functions within that reality.

What is offered in the coaching space is a vision, the potential of what we can be as human beings.

It is not a distant idealized plan. It is realistic and targeted to our personal needs.

I believe that it is when our lives are totally fulfilled as individuals that humankind reaches its greatest potential. Respecting organizations, humankind, countries, governments as well as individual lives is a priority nowadays.

Life coaching is first about you and your individual needs, desires, vision. It is a service to you for your future and your well being.

The roots of coaching are solid and based on clear ethical boundaries. The goal is to empower you as an individual and support you in gaining any skills you might need to function harmoniously in today’s world.

Life is a magic gift and it flows in our bodies. External structures are a reflection of our inner beliefs and are here to serve humankind.

The human being comes first! Always!

We know about our archaic roots. We know about our past. But we need to give ourselves the possibility to grow beyond our past limits. The human spirit has the potential to expand, explore new behavior territories. To do that, we often need to redesign our life environment.

I believe this is today’s challenge. This is the context in which coaching can play a significant role. I wish the value of my coaching is clearer to you now. I am looking forward to meet you or speak with you soon…


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