Happiness questions

What exactly do you feel?

  • I feel isolated
  • I have lots of negativity in me
  • I wish I had a partner
  • I had difficult experiences in the past
  • I am in the middle of an identity crisis
  • I hesitate too much
  • I can't see meaning to my life
  • I am facing difficulties with my profession
  • I feel empty inside
  • I am in the middle of a financial crisis
  • I am angry with everything
  • I have no real challenge


What would you like?

  • I just need to share with someone
  • Ask some questions and get some free advice
  • I want to change something in me!
  • I want to change the way I feel
  • I want to change something in my environment
  • I want to change the way I act
  • I need some simple techniques for my daily life
  • I need to understand what is going on
  • I am determined to take steps. Not sure what they are
  • I would do anything as long as it works


Do you believe things can be better?

Who can do something about it?

What would you do to make things better?

When can you start?

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