He still fancies me

He still fancies me

My ex boyfriend says he still fancies me, but doesn't want a relationship! What shall I do? I love him!


Many guys enjoy the freedom and simply don't want a relationship because they would feel limited in it. A guy will fancy many women but then have a relationship with one person. If he wants freedom, that's the quality you have to give him.

If things are not moving towards you on his side him, the best for you is to date other guys as well.

Being clingy is one of the worst turn offs for a guy. If he feels you are dependant and totally rely on him to be happy, he'll just run away.

The way to get him to come closer to you is to have a great time together. Seduce him every time you see him. Keep playing but without investing in him. Act free, feel free, be free!!! Inside. Fun is magnetic. Life force and the expression of energy is totally irresistible. Spontaneity, fun taking risks. DARE!

Flirt outrageously. Be fun to be with!!! Don't mean frivolous all the time but simply enjoy life. Inner freedom is extremely attractive for a guy. Show him you enjoy life deep inside and that your pleasure can't be challenged or destroyed. You pleasure and life delight does not depend on him! Be sexy and take deep care of yourself. Don't worship him like a god, tease him instead.

Be confident and take risks (I don't mean putting your life, health or future in danger). Try simple steps like talking to people often and openly in social situations. Be active in social situations. Fun! Don't be exclusive with him or clingy. Stay active, open and excited about life beyond the limits of what you share with him.

The key for you is to simply enjoy what is there without investing or hoping anything from it. Treat him like Mr. Right now rather than "The one"

Don't give him any form of exclusivity!!! Stay open and free. There is no relationship at this stage, just mutual attraction. Don't act like you are committed to him or he'll run away!


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