He told me that he loved me as more then a friend

He told me that he loved me as more then a friend

I've known this guy for about 2 years and we've been friends. He told me that he loves me as more then a friend the other day, but he's never spent any real quality time with me. We've only talked on the phone and on the internet. How can I tell if he really does have feelings for me, or really does truly love me?



If he says it, he probably means it, so I would trust his sincerity with that.

It's a compliment he is giving you. Take it inside and enjoy the feeling of having someone telling you words like these. If he says it again, or is kind with you, tell him how much you appreciate his words. Tell him he touches you very deep by saying that.

If he took the step, he might be waiting for a definite sign or response from you. Do you feel the same towards him? If you do, you should tell him.


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