How to break through

How to break through

I am a chartered accountant student and am depressed on what I am. I have given 5 unsuccessful attempts and going for the sixth, but even now I feel that I lack that extra skill to pass a CA exam, I think I am not that good enough and have taken this course.

Even though I am preparing for the sixth time I am not sure that I will be able to make it, Though that I had thought that I will do it this time when I sat down for preparation two months back, well the exam is the first week of November 03 and I don't know what will happen, I don't know why I am not able to take any action on my discipline and not able to work hard. Why is this happening only to me. I saw this on the net and if it is free please advise me what should I do



Motivation comes with excitement. The key to be successful with studying is to focus on what excites you about the topics you study. Having a mentor, someone who can stimulate and who you can use as role model is great as well.

If you tried 6 times and failed I would strongly suggest you look at other options. Maybe your spirit does not want you to go that way. Maybe there is another open door that you are not seeing.

take a white page and write down all your options, maybe there is an option you discarded earlier which you could use today. Check it out. I have the feeling that the answer could be not too far, but you still do not see it.

If you go trying it again, you'll have to give yourself a good kick, grow up and take responsibility for what you chose.

This could be a passage you have to go through. Be the master of your destiny.


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