How to strengthen your emotional foundation

How to strengthen your emotional foundation

In most cases of negative thinking and negative emotional patterns, what is missing is a stronger emotional foundation.

Imagine your mind as an inner architecture of thought forms, education, habits, instinctual reactions, etc.

Imagine now that it is this mind architecture which protects your mind space.

Your life connections and the support you get from your environment are as well strengthening elements.

When you have a negative emotion invading your mind space, it simply means that you miss the power to defend your inner territory.

If you want to stop negative thinking and negative emotions, all you need to do is to bring in a new power quality in your mind. This new power quality will naturally strengthen your emotional base, give you security and simply protect your mind.

With certain negative emotions, like doubts and fears, this increase of power is combined with an increase of awareness. You identify why the doubt is there in the first place: is it a real "warning" doubt or is it simply an irrational useless instinctual reaction.

These are very powerful techniques. The reason why you have never tapped into these resources naturally by yourself is simply because society and normal education does not always put you in touch with these resources.

This strengthening of your emotional foundation is related with your instincts. For instance your survival instinct contains in itself a very empowering emotional base. This means that if you are confronted to survival in nature for instance, these powers naturally wake up.

There are of course other ways to wake up these natural inner resources, for instance any form of martial art training like aikido, karate or kung fu trains your emotional foundation and naturally wakes up your power.

When you find yourself in situations which are emotionally challenging, you might feel a gap on that level. You might feel a gap as well when you see yourself trapped in negative thinking patterns.

A negative thinking pattern related with irritation for instance is simply an inability to get what you want. You can as well feel touched by a negative emotion you can't truly identify. These types of emotions can be correlated with an invasion of your mind space, the incapacity to protect yourself and to use your power effectively.

If you spend an afternoon in a city, you are bombarded by thousands of psychic impressions. These impressions can anchor themselves in the core of your being or they can bounce on the surface of your mind. The difference between those who enjoy a city and those who don't is simply a difference in this level of inner power.

If you have the skills, you have a good time. On the other hand if you feel permanently threatened by the judgment of others or simply feel insecure, you'll have a terrible time and feel drained after a couple of hours.

When you wake up your power, you wake up your natural ability to protect yourself.

Your emotional foundation represents this inner architecture which sustains your emotional body.

There are some simple steps to wake up this inner power. This is what we do in a coaching session. It is a form of initiation, an awakening of an inner potential which is already in you.

If you eat a peace of fruit, your respond to a natural instinct. You are hungry and you eat.

Now, if you feel threatened and want more power, what would you do? where would you start? Is there a fountain of fresh power you can wake up and simply drink from naturally? Yes there is.

All you need is to wake up this stream and know how to tap into it at will. It's easy and it takes you only a few minutes to get initiated into it. By phone or in person. Both work perfectly

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