I have a younger brother who's taking all my chances

I have a younger brother who's taking all my chances

I have a younger brother who's taking all my chances. He's making my life miserable. What can I do?



What chances exactly are you talking about? Professional? Women? Social life? We live in a competitive environment and the one who is the most performing and has the most to offer will usually get the job.

This is a chance for you to be more competitive and develop skills you still do not have. Pick up the challenge and do what it takes to be competitive.

You have very unique gifts he does not have. Everyone is unique and you are as well. What are the unique qualities you have to offer? focus on these.

If you feel miserable it's simply because you let it happen. Don't let this impact your mood and your feelings. You are stronger than that.

Here are three more options:
  • Walk to him and tell him what is going. Ask him to step back sometimes and give you some space
  • Don't give him a hint about your moves. Keep the rising opportunities for yourself
  • Stay a bit more away from him, develop your own network.

Good luck!

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