Trust and integrity makes all the difference when doing any form of business.

The internet is packed with "get rich fast" schemes. Propositions of all kinds which basically push us to blind consumption.

What's wrong with that? It could be a self destructive spiral on the long run.

To gain experience, I simply signed in 2 months ago to a dozen of websites that promised me millions of income by working 5 minutes a day. The result? I am delighted to tell you that I still enjoy the very humble landscape of my bank account.

What is the conclusion? Be discriminative in the future and simply accept that sometimes people lie. Sometimes they try hard to sell you something you don't need ant push it on you fiercely!

I am fine with that. I can't change it in others. The question for me was: "Where do I stand in all that?". "What is the very essence of my coaching?"

Integrity is the answer! We know that for a long time and it is good to repeat the message to make sure it is heard.

You as a client are the reason coaching exists. My task as your coach is very simple: give you what you want, listen to your needs and come with a perfect match.

What truly matters is your agenda, your desires, your needs. This is the beginning of the coaching cycle. This is the very core and essence of my approach.


About Shiva Rajaya

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