Let your instincts do the work

Mind power is instinctual. You can set up yourself on a "reasoning course" but what matters at the end is emotional fuel and the way you use it.

You can discuss strategies, design techniques and practice the moves, but what gives you the final win is stamina, life power, determination. These are not thoughts forms. They are free energy.

Your mind is great and powerful but your ability to conceptualize can slow you down. The goal is to hit the target, whatever that target might be.

You can talk about it or go ahead and do it. If you have to jump in the water, you can stand next to the waves and think about it, and reason about or you can jump in the water and let your instincts guide you. Thoughts can be limiting.

Ignorance can be bliss. Even if you practiced the moves and know the recipes for success, what gives you the win is your instinctual power to go for it.

This instinctual power is a conquering force. It is similar to survival instinct and does not need thoughts to enter in action.

Your inner drives are your fuel. Focus and determination are dynamic energies in your system. The moment they flow freely is the moment you act and take decisions in a second. You are 100% in tune with your destiny line and there is no separation between your action and your thought. Mind and action are one.

You can make yourself life lists and keep on delaying success because deep inside you hide in the security of your comfort zone. The moment you connect with your action thrill, something else builds up. You realize you love this flow of life force and can't live without it. Life speed is your natural state.

Techniques become reflexes. You have hundreds of natural reflexes in you. The art of running is simply the art of reconnecting with natural moves. Artificial modern life styles overlap and constrict these instincts. When you unleash your instincts, you unleash a power which was slightly dormant in you. You establish it back in the core of your being and give it full power and trust.

Most of life power has nothing to do with reasoning and conceptualizing your existence. It means going for it fearlessly and destroying delay.

Inspiration, mind set and action are one. Synchronized. This is the moment magic happens for you. What's on the way? The limits of your comfort zone. Your instincts naturally wander beyond the limits of what you already know. Fear and doubts call them back. They reason an impulsion and take away its strength.

Your inspiration can be fragile in its original state. You can kill that inspiration by building up a "resistance mind set", or you can build up the inspiration by being super conductive to it.

The difference between super flow of life force and blocked energies is simply a mind set. Change your pattern and what you feel is a slow vehicle can become a high speed jet any time.

Sure, there is conditioning. 20-30 years of thought forms build up do create a mind set. Now your own inner renewal power has the ability to shift thoughts faster than you can imagine. It does not take long if you set your mind into it.

It's like connecting with a cleaning force which gives you the tools to move forward. The challenge? Gaining speed and simply removing obstacles. 90% of obstacles are related with wrong conditioning. Millions of seed of doubts projected and anchored in your mind.

Now you are the master of your mind. The power to get what you want is yours. It is a high speed movement which can take you where you want to be. This is a move of energies and instincts which are already alive in you. All you have to do is use them and accept that your present mind set can be shifted and evolved. Your present mind landscape is only a temporary identity you did build over the years. The only reason why this identity is there is because you accept it there.

There is a natural over glorification of your memory world. Memories are simply mind frames which create an identity. It is this identification which stops you from moving forward to another dimension. Let go of this identification and you can truly shift your existence in no time.

Your instincts have the power to guide you with that. Your can consciously replace what you no longer need by new tools and mind sets.

It is very simple and it is always your choice. Gaining speed in life is stepping beyond your comfort zone. After some time, your new life speed becomes your new natural comfort zone. What is thrilling is the acceleration, not the speed itself. You can be in an airplane traveling at 800 miles/hour and not even notice it.

What is thrilling is the acceleration. If you stay too long within your comfort zone, it's the passion and excitement which are gone.

A daily dose of challenges on the other hand keeps you alive, fresh and moving. That's the magic!

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