Life has turned on me

Life has turned on me

Life has turned on me. I seem to bring about my own troubles lately and there are many. Why is that? I have no confidence in myself or life how can I get a positive outlook on the nothingness of life?


Let's do something together: I am going to ask you a few more questions and you give me answers, okay? (you can answer these questions directly in the core of this email and send them back to me).

I believe you should take this time to simply go into it and find some answers. You have all the answers and resources to face this situation. All you have to do is bring it to your awareness.

Life is not against you. It is with you. It is there for you. Something in you though is asking for attention. It might be screaming loudly inside saying: "here, over here... Look at me..."

You seem like you are in a gap, in a transition. An identity or meaning crisis is always a wake up call.

First step: Isolating the problem and reducing it to its real size

Tell me more about your troubles... What are they exactly?

When you say "life has turned on me", what do you mean exactly?

You say there are many troubles lately, can you describe them to me one by one?

As I said, take just 5 minutes to answer these simple questions. It could change your life forever.

Send me the answers as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to read what you have to say.


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