Master your nature link

Master your nature link

Nature is an essential part of your life. That's where you have your real roots. That's where your body and part of your mind comes from.

When you go in nature, spend some time on a beach or in a forest, you connect with that part of yourself.

Layers of thoughts and habits can stop you from seeing deep enough and connecting with what is truly there: your instinctual nature.

You can't forget about this aspect of your life. In fact the life force in your body is a reflection of the life force in nature. A tree contains the same life force essence as a human being. On an energy or etheric level, life flows in the same way in the whole of nature. It is basically the same mechanism.

The moment you feel life disharmony, the best is to go back in nature and let nature's harmony reflect on your being. This naturally creates a frictionless flow of life force which harmonizes your being. This flow of life force is the essence of wellness.

A sickness can be seen as a disharmony in the flow of this life force.

Nature impacts on all levels of your personality and spirit. It impacts on your body and your mind.

Our mind is always using nature as an example for its own evolution. Nature is our original model. If you cut yourself from nature, you simply cut yourself from a precious source of inspiration.

Have you heard about bionics? Bionics is the development of new technologies using nature's models. For instance engineers try to imitate spider web when creating ultra resistant rope. That's bionics.

If we go beyond the physical body and technology, we enter into a field we could call "mind bionics".

Mind bionics is the art of using nature as a source of inspiration for developing your mind. It simply means connecting with your instinctual nature.

Nature is one of your key environments.

Would you feel comfortable when spending a week outdoor in nature by yourself. What would you do? How would you relate to this environment?

This is not a form of survival test. It's more than an experiment.

A house is a protective structure which simply stops elemental forces from impacting on your being. Imagine you remove the protection of a home and simply confront your being with the elemental forces of nature. You might have experienced a couple of nights outdoor. How did your feel?

What happens when you spend time in nature is very special and very magical. You tap into new (or ancient) instinctual abilities and simply create a new equilibrium with this environment.

You can take different "roles" when you go in nature:

  • Personal development, team building - a week-end training with your company
  • Vitality, relaxation, free time - a relaxing holiday on a tropical beach
  • Scientific approach - Biology, Geology, bird watching
  • Artistic expression - Photography, painting, music
  • Mystical, spiritual - mediating under a tree
  • Challenging sports - don't forget your mountain bike
  • Family time, social time - Sunday outing

Now, when you master your relationship with nature, you tend to go beyond the limits of these activities and see what happens when your drop all that. You simply relate to nature and discover how it impacts on your mind.

When you master the nature environment, you simply feel at ease and comfortable within that space.

There are hundreds of ways of "communicating" with nature and waking up your instinctual mind.

If you want to try it out, simply go and spend a couple of day in nature every now and then, this will automatically reconnect you with your instincts.

Here are as well 10 simple techniques to wake up your life power when you are in nature.

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