Protect your personal space

Protect your personal space

If someone gets angry or upset next to you, you have two ways or strategies to deal with it:

Stay detached

This means laughing at what is happening and not identifying yourself with the other person's emotions. Stay cool and don't get involved.

Someone else's anger is simply a form of provocation and an invitation for a fight. You don't have to go with it. Don't take responsibility for the other person's emotions, stay cool and laugh inside.

When you stay detached, what you are doing is protecting your inner space, your mind space and not allowing intrusive negative emotions to touch you

Strengthen your boundaries

Put distance between you and the person. Don't tolerate this in your environment. You want harmony and peace around you and there is no reason for you accepting a destructive behavior in your personal space.

Strengthening your boundaries means using your protective or preserving power. This means preserving your space from external attacks.

Developing these two skills is essential if you want to stay master of your space and strengthen your personal foundation.

Staying detached is a very powerful strategy when there is no other choice. However, anger is a very penetrative and challenging force and it requires and energy to stay centered. Imagine yourself next to a heavy source of disturbing sound. How long before you just give up and explode with irritation.

You can of course train yourself to deal with disturbance by strengthening your mind power and personal mind space.

An easier solution is to simply step back and stay away from that disturbing sound. Simply don't tolerate or allow it in your personal space.

Protect your personal space by keeping away any nuisance. Close your door to it. You don't have to accept it in your house. What you need is harmony, peace and respect in there, not a permanent disturbing sound in the background.

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