Something has to change

Something has to change

Here are some key ideas on how to change:

Change is stressful

You, like anyone else have a natural resistance for change. Why? Because change requires energy. It requires the integration of new mind patterns. This means that if you engage into changing something in you, you'll be under pressure or stress during this transition period.

Sometimes you will choose for stability rather than change simply because of that. Stepping beyond your comfort zone and trying something new is challenging no matter what.

I love action! I take risks!

To go for change, you need to totally shift your mind set. Action is your friend. Every time you sit back and hesitate, you feed your doubts and comfort yourself in the present situation. Going for change means picking up the challenge. You go for it even though you know that taking action means stepping beyond your comfort zone.

The easy way

The easy way is to get help! Instead of seeing change like a mountain to climb, see it like a swim into a refreshing stream. You can reinvent the wheel if you want to. You can as well simply benefit from other's experience. The hard way is to isolate yourself and reject interaction and sources of support.

Look beyond

Focus on what comes after. Focus on what you can do once you changed what you needed to. Your mind, body and life are your vehicle. The sooner you make that vehicle performant, the sooner you can focus on taking it to the next step. Get rid of what holds you back. Move forward. Don't stay half way.


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