Unleash my life power

Unleash my life power

We have something in common with trees and animals. It's called life force.

When life force flows, you are happy, energized and thrilled by existence.

When life force stops, you get angry upset and sometimes sick.

When you unleash your life power, you simply remove what is blocking you. You remove fears, hesitations, doubts. You remove whatever is stopping you from being superconductive to life.

Where do you start? Here are some simple steps you can take:


Go in nature

And connect with your life force by breathing deep. Connect with nature around you. Life force in trees is a mirror of life force in you. Being in nature naturally wakes up your life power.


Identify self limiting beliefs

Thought forms are mind channels. A thought is a channel of energy. When the thought is well aligned with your being and actions, it stimulates the natural flow of power and energy. The goal is to replace negative mind patterns by positive ones so that your mind becomes frictionless.


Gain love and power

Love alone is not enough. Power gives you the tools to protect and preserve your inner space. Love gives you the way to relate in harmony to others. Love is the recognition of this common essence in every human being.


Be master of your life

One day you wake up and realize that you have the greatest influence over what happens in your being. If you feel disharmony go ahead and do something about it. You are in charge. You are the master.



You are not alone. Your actions are connected with a universal field of actions. A step in your life is a step within humankind. You are connected with a vast field of will power. Your thought streams are part of a vast field of planetary thought streams. Discover what is beyond the limits of what you already know. What is universal intelligence?


What is life power?



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