What is negative thinking?

"Stop negative thinking? what do you mean? Are you saying that these loops of doubts, hesitations, self disbelief, heavy auto critic, anger, etc. have an actual solution?"

"Are you saying that I could get rid of negativity?" If you want to, yes!

Negativity happens for simple reasons: you either tolerate it or you believe you have no power over it. You believe it's just too much effort and simply don't know where or how to start.

Shifting the way your mind functions requires a very simple energy: Conquering power. Your mind is a territory you can conquer and protect.

Negative thinking is the reflection of an inner conflict. It is a conflict between energies. Turbulent thoughts or emotions are the visible part of this "battle" on the surface of your mind.

What kind of force do you need to bring peace in a battle field? You simply need a stronger power. Maybe you are not looking for peace but simply frictionless flow of energy. You are okay with strong energies but simply want to use your resources more effectively. That's fine as well.

Whatever you situation, an increase of inner power can bring order where there is chaos.

Would you agree with that? When a battle is raging in your mind, you need a more powerful force to bring this to an end.

The next questions are:

Do you believe such a force exists?
If there is a such a force, where is it located?
How can you access it?
How can you use it?
The first question: Does such a force exist? The answer is yes! definitely yes. It is located in your mind. It is part of your birth right as a human being. How can I be so sure? Because I recognize it in you and in anyone. You have a natural resource of power you are not using.

Second question: "Where is it located?" You have it in you in the form of will power.

Third question: "How do you access it?" By choosing for it and making it grow. Life is a succession of choices. Sometimes you feel you have no choice simply because your instincts take over. Negativity is an instinctual untamed response. If you see a black stallion on a field, you recognize this wild pure impulsion of nature.

This animal expresses itself in a powerful and beautiful way. Now, if you try to control this force of nature, it will naturally rebel and go mad. There is a part in you which is wild. Society and education brings in layers of conditioning and simply tends to suppress or kill this instinctual nature.

Negative thinking is simply your mind rebelling against a limiting force. It is an energy trying to break free. It expresses itself in explosive and destructive ways.

The "taming process" is simply not working.

For it to work, you need to access another type of "taming force" so that you collaborate with the forces of nature rather than trying to suppress them.

Again, imagine how you would communicate with this wild stallion on a field. You could whistle, feed it, and protect it in some ways.

Do you get the picture, controlling it is by far not the best option.

All you need is to find the right way of "taming" your instinctual mind.

Negative thinking is self destructive. It is not very different from alcohol or drugs when overused. It can ruin your life and your chances of success.

So, how do you access this "taming" power? By using it. It is already in you. All you need to do is realize you can use it.

Fourth question: "How do you use it?" The whole strategy is not to solve negative thoughts when they are there. It is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Your mind is aggressed and attacked by all sorts of forces. This is why it reacts that way. Negative thinking is a destructive defense mechanism.

Your instinctual nature is simply trying to survive. If you give it more space to express itself it will naturally grow in harmony.

Therefore, the goal is simple: Preserving and protecting your mind space.

This is very much a key. I will say it again in a different way: Negative thinking is the result of an inability to protect your mind space. Negative thinking is an instinctual defense mechanism. All you need to do is protect your mind space in a different way and negative thoughts will naturally disappear.

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