Awake! Alive! You sing with power, pleasure and delight - ARTICLE

Awake! Alive! You sing with power, pleasure and delight to the consciousness which gives you this opening.

Your being is singing with joy. You want to share your love, express that radiance towards every one.

Your being feels limitless, radiant like a thousand rayed flower. It is an exhilarating feeling which touches you from within.

The desire to sing scream and touch the very essence of that life force.

The excitement is so intense and beautiful.

Your feeling of love is growing in you.

Feeling of trance that wakes up like a magical stream of amazing life force.

This is a delightful feeling.

You feel free, powerful, open to the world and the cosmos.

Nothing can stop you from singing with joy and intense pleasure as this stream of life force wakes up in you with the most beautiful sensations.

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