It is time to share love again!

It is time to share love again!!!

It is time to give each other this magic respectful kiss.

Protect the garden you have created. Protect, preserve. Be the master of your life and your being and offer with generosity freedom to the other person.

Encourage life flow!

The expression of your natural love for each other must be geared to bring out the best in the other person!!!

There is no limit in that!!! Be tuned and respond to t other person’s desires without forgetting about your own needs!

But do not control!!! Open your arms with generosity and set free! You want to fly! You want passion and delight!!! You want your being to be free and life to be intensely radiating in that flow of natural desires.

It is a pleasure to wake up to that reality and it will simply stay now with you!!! There is nothing you can do about it!!! It will radiate forward because this is the natural state of your being!!!

Nothing and nobody can stop it! You have this conquering power radiating in you!!!

You are infinitely powerful, because infinite force is given to you to protect and preserve far beyond the limits of your being!!!

You have this ability to love and care with passion. You have this ability to be filled with intense glory and desire to do the best…

And you do the best, because you are the best of what can be created! Your being is perfection. You have the ability to radiate, impress and conquer whatever needs to be conquered.

Now that the territory has been expanded, you can stimulate that flow of passion within your sacred garden and give a message of beauty and intensity to all which is in your reach!!!

Dare to be yourself!!! Dare to be happy!!!

Dare to sing in intense streams of joy and pleasure!!!

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