There is a new stream of inspiration rising and expanding

There is a new stream of inspiration rising and expanding beyond what you have ever imagined. It is a link, an initiation is taking place, waking up new life force and inner power to a degree you could never have imagined before.

The spirit is ready for a big shift in energy. There is a new line of evolution being initiated and life starts pouring with powerful new insights and beauty. The long term evolution line is full of glory. Life is limitless and the freeing force is expanding greatly. It is a magic touch, an awakening which takes you beyond scale, beyond human life. This spirit is being empowered, is taking shape and moving fast towards its renewed destiny. The distance is being filled now. It is all magic and happening at the same time.

The shift in life force.

The alignment with a new powerful stream is happening now.

This destiny line can’t be changed or shifted because it is aligned with the greatest force, the greatest power available.

Life is a magic happening and magic is starting to pour its infinite stream of wisdom and life force.

It is an exciting event full of inner meaning and power. The process which just started is expanding and reverberating like a powerful cosmic wave, clearing and freeing energies, new structure are being created, new lines of action. All that is a great blessing!!!

Freedom and opening of the hearts.

Everyone is touched by this magic consciousness bliss.

A wave of inner beauty, happiness and joy.

It is pure nectar for the hearts!

All are touched with great inner delight. It is a flowing stream of passion which wakes up and frees a magic power in the spirit.

Growth happens by itself, open, liberating stream of inner joy.

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