You are a strong woman with a powerful past

You are a strong woman with a powerful past, ambitions and desires about your life.

No doubt about it, life should give you what you want, what you desire. In that sense, congratulations for taking the step you are just taking because I am sure that there is direction to go from where you are.

There is no doubt about it.

What I give you is power here!

The power to keep on expanding from within and move forward. You certainly can move apart from each other if this is what you desire. I’m sure you would be fine but again,

You might find greater joy and pleasure in life by sharing time and space together.

If you feel like taking a little distance for a while, consider it okay. Why not go on holidays separately and simply give each other a bit more space.

For you, on your side, what are your desires, your wishes? Is there something you want to say from the core of your being? I believe you can express it if you want…

One of the things you can do as a male.

The important point now, with your relationship is to regain a clear balance of power. You two are two pillars with exact similar balance of power. There is complicity between the two of you and the desire to make it work. Not as a distant task but because you are the ones in charge and because you feel that very intense respect for each other.

It is in your easy reach!!! So take this power in your hands and bring back your being to this point of balance.

Do you actually realize that this power is given to you both as a birth right. It is a human right, a spiritual right to be in charge of first your own life and then the life that you two create together.

So, you personal power is there first to strengthen your own being and then it is there to stabilize the combination of the two of you.

Go and perform what you have to perform, simply do not overdo it!

Listen to the natural flow of life force.

Feel the natural limits and do not press. There is nothing to prove. Give priority to your inner fire, delight, to your inner pleasure, the desire which burns in you!

Give priority to an inner discovery, to an inner desire, to travel freedom and fun.

Do not let anything or anyone stop that natural flow which expresses itself naturally in the love you share in your relationship. Your union, what you share

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