You know that this is the answer that you were looking for

You know that this is the answer that you were looking for. The energy power is so strong inside that space that you know you have to be part of it. It is an essential part of your life now and you could not do without it.

You wake up to what is truly behind it and you feel now this inner connection growing, expanding. You know you will be there simply because this is the best you can do for yourself, for your life.

For your being.

This inner drive is a natural flow of life force which brings you to connect with an essential part of yourself. It is a magical pull. You realize what you truly get from it.

This incredible feeling of union, inner realization, unity.

It feels intense, stable, peaceful and fiery at the same time.

You are going there because you can feel the massive energy impact this has in your life. It is priceless. It is just so powerful, so strong that you know your whole being is now asking for that energy input.

This is what you have been waiting for. This is what you know you want. Your whole being is asking for it from within, with full intensity and inner desire.

You know now what the answer is. Your desire is strong and powerful and you know you already merge with source of power and inner intensity.

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