You suddenly realize the power and authority which are in your hands

You suddenly realize the power and the authority which are in your hands.

This power is infinite and precious and you suddenly perceive the meaning of your legacy. You suddenly perceive the meaning of your mission and how life can progress with your movement. You have infinite power to create and you realize now that there is more to do than what you thought.

Your being is waking up to a new stream, a new reality which starts emerging with immense beauty from within.

You feel that you have a destiny in your hands and are progressively empowered to make a move forward in the evolution of the planet. Your being feels this magic happening and a new sensation is waking up which takes you forward towards ecstasy and delight. A new era is appearing in front of you.

You feel the thrill of this new adventure. The desire to move forward in a flow of wise action is now more awake than ever and this power to change your life forever is now put in your hands. You are writing your future and your destiny, guided by this very strong inner determination. The spirit is moving you with determination. You feel free, open and powerful

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