Break up = Star wars ??? - ARTICLE

This is a side note to complement another article I wrote about the energy battle during break up.

In that article I said that emotional pain is a disturbance in your energy field.

This means that your life force does not stream in harmonious ways.

What does it have to do with Star Wars?

Your life force = THE FORCE.


Remember that Luke Skywalker's and Princess Leila's paths aim at mastering THE FORCE!

They have a special gift! They have a special connection with THE force.

Master Yota will say things like: "I feel a disturbance in the force..."

These disturbances are linked with the activities of Dark Vador and his friends.

I know... It IS a metaphor for something that happens throughout our lives.

And yes!

A break up battle expresses the same type of dynamics between forces that stimulate your path to freedom and disturbances that want to stop you from reaching it.

Got that?

To your power!


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