Emotional divorce versus legal divorce - TIP

If you are in a divorce process now, you will quickly realize that you have two sides to a divorce: the legal one and the emotional one.

The legal one has to do with law and sorting money, assets, children and paperwork.

The emotional one has to do with finding answers, shifting perspectives, rebuilding inner strength and relating to your ex in new respectful ways.

Keep the legal and emotional divorce separate.

They are a totally different set of issues.

Don't bring undigested emotions to court!

Don't try to get back to her, by setting up extra legal hurdles.

Simplify everything and get through it as fast as you can!

Partner with a lawyer or mediator who understands that you want out as soon as possible.

The administrative details of this divorce are just that: details!

They don't really matter at the end! It doesn't have to be perfect or fair till the last detail.

The longer you stay in the legal divorce zone, the more energy you waste!

It is much more important to gain back your freedom fast so that you can move on and focus on the future.

The emotional divore is the the sorting out of emotions.

It means clearing what still stands undigested in your mind.

You win an emotional divorce by developing empowering mind sets and attitudes.

99% of this break up system is about the emotional side of your break up or divorce.

That's the battle you will win by using these strategies!

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