Let go of HER world too! - TIP

When she breaks up, you have to let go of the relationship with her + her world.

Her world is her family, her friends, her kids, her business, her house, her assets, etc.

That's her world!

That's her energy reality!

Very often you will feel this desire to keep in touch with her friends or family members.


Unless you built something super solid with one of them that no longer depends on her, dissolve that too!

Every time you see this friend of hers, she will remind you of your ex.

It keeps you hooked on the past.

Put it this way:

Do these people really want to stick around and be friends with you?

Or are they doing that out of pity?

Don't you think they will soon be investing their friendship and energy into her new date?

Don't fool yourself!

In most cases, these people stay part of HER world, not yours.

The minute they have to take sides, it is towards her they will lean, no you!

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