The easiest way to overcome an addiction is to replace it by a positive one - TIP

If you feel there is an addiction you no longer want in your life, the best way to go is to replace this negative addiction by a postive one.

Your mind needs that focus and almost fanatical focus.

That's the energy sustaining the negative addiction.

This energy needs to find a new channel of expression when you get rid of a negative addictive behavior.

How does it look like?

You shift from overeating to being totally fanatical about your nutrition habits.

You shift from a masturbation addiction to being totally dedicated to your tantric sex practices.

You destroy a smoking addiction and turn this energy into super healthy life style choices.

The point is that you don't want to suppress that source of energy and power which creates the addiction, you want to redirect it and use it positively for a new purpose!

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