What to say if you meet her for a drink? - ARTICLE

Be prepared!

Rehearse a bit before you go.

Here is your "battle" plan:
  • Be relaxed
  • No sentimentalism
  • Stay cool
  • Sort out what you need to sort out
  • Keep it short
  • Leave

Make sure you keep it on a light respectful note.


  • Beg her to come back to you
  • Attack her or blame her
  • Try to control any part of her life
  • Get jealous if she mentions other guys
  • Have or hope for sex

Meeting an ex is always a high risk moment where fight triggers can tease you any time.

So, meet her armed with an ABSOLUTE determination to keep it on a light note.

If you feel this meeting is turning bitter, smile, give her a hug or a kiss, tell her you will call her again at another time and LEAVE!

Dare to!

It is simply not worth wasting any more energy fighting.

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